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Custom Screen Printing & Embroidery
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Salt Lake City Screen Printer

Get an excellent and trusted Salt Lake City screen printer at Salt Lake City Screen Printer. We offer the best screen printing, embroidery, and decorations services for the most attractive pricing deals in the market!

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Businesses will thrive with the visual tools that will make your brand look its best. We expertly decorate using screen printing, embroidery, transfers, and Direct to Garment (DTG) printing providing the branded look you want with name brand apparel.

From T-Shirts, Hoodies, Polos and Jackets to merchandise like water bottles and even gadgets, we can do everything for you. Our equipment allows us to work efficiently while at the same time producing exceptional results. Our production times are fast and quality is exceptional. We use the Pantone Matching System to accurately get you the colors you want. If you are looking for high quality custom decorated apparel for you business you’ve come to the right place.

Great quality doesn’t typically come with budget-friendly pricing. But at Salt Lake City Screen Printer, it does. The best part of working with us goes beyond the quality of our printed products. We also offer stellar customer service. Being a full-service Salt Lake City screen printer, we can do everything from designing to creating virtual mock-ups so you can see exactly what the end result will be before production even begins. And throughout all these procedures, we are always ready to guide our clients through them, informing them of all the options available so they can make the best decisions they want for their business.

With so many options available our highly trained experts will guide you through the process so get just the right look the first time on budget without missing deadlines.

With Salt Lake City Screen Printer as your provider of all things printed and visually designed, you can expect nothing less than impactful upgrades in your business.

Call Salt Lake City Screen Printer today at (801) 758-2637 for your Free Consultation with a Salt Lake City Screen Printing expert!

Types of Screen Printing Applications

There are many types of printing techniques available. But screen printing is highly demanded because of its versatility. It can be used to print long-lasting quality ink on virtually any kind of surface. While we specialize in apparel printing mostly through the screen printing process. Our services are top-notch while at the same time not breaking the bank.

Our experts will walk you through the process making recommendations and at the same time helping get the end result you desire.

Apparel and T-Shirt Printing

Apparel printing covers all textile-based products, from tees and hoodies to aprons and safety vests. These products are a staple of many business merchandises, making apparel printing a popular application of our screen printing services. Our grade-A screen printing equipment allows us to print on any textile, from cotton and silk to polyester and popular items made from cotton, polyester and Rayon called Triblend.

Custom Screen Printing Company Near Me

The print industry relies on physical products, which makes logistical concerns a big consideration. Having a quality Salt Lake City screen printing company that offers industry-level products locally is a massive benefit. We are happy to be of service to any business in our locality, providing elite printing products and services worth investing in.

Salt Lake City Screen Printer screen printing 300x200Whatever customized screen printing product you need, no matter how complex or unique the design and specifications are, we are ready to take on the challenge and give you the exact, perfect version that you want for your business. Whether you need sophisticated-looking black and white logos on your gadget product line or vibrant, full-colored banners for a marketing event, we got your back.

Our products are guaranteed to be high-quality. And rest assured that whatever deal we end up with, you will get the best market prices that our industry can offer. If you just want your favorite band’s logo printed on a t-shirt or you need a mass order of apparel products to promote your business, we can find you the best, most cost-effective screen printing solutions.

Best Screen Printer in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Screen Printer is a top-notch Salt Lake City, UT printing company. We have spent many years handling customer requests of all varieties, from the simplest designs to the biggest projects. Our facilities are complete with state-of-the-art printing equipment and designing software to produce all the printing products that we offer at an industry-level quality. We also guarantee that the graphic designers, printing experts, and engineers that you will work with are all highly trained and experienced in the field. Your screen printing investments in our company will not go to waste.

Our team of experts can produce any screen printing design and imprint them on any product that you want, from textiles to electronics. Don’t hesitate to ask for special projects. If screen printing is not the best option for you, we can also offer digital printing, which we can also provide with the complete set of equipment and expertise necessary to provide quality prints. In fact, we offer a wider range of services that can definitely cover whatever needs you to have from the printing industry.

Here are the rest of the services we provide on top of our digital and screen printing services:

  1. Embroidery
  2. Wide Format Printing
  3. Promotional Products Printing
  4. Heat transfers
  5. Patches
  6. Direct-to-Garment Printing
  7. Full Sublimation on Apparel
  8. Direct to Film Printing
  9. Tackle Twill.

All you need to do is call us and discuss what you want to happen. Our experts will be there to help you decide on the best printing solutions available.

Choose Salt Lake City Screen Printing Now!

The printing industry can offer a lot of methods to put graphics on surfaces. But one of our most recommended options is screen printing, as it offers highly durable prints with grade-A ink while being able to display high-quality visuals that you shouldn’t miss.

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Whatever budget you have, it will definitely be put to good use with Salt Lake City Screen Printer’s top-of-the-line screen printing services. The visual quality that you will see immediately as we deliver your screen-printed products is guaranteed to last for years.

What we want here is our outputs to bring the needed positive impact to your business for a sustainable period of time.

You can also rely on the work ethic and capacity of our printing professionals at Salt Lake City Screen Printer. If you need the products on a fixed date, we assure you that they will be delivered on time.

If you need certain orders expedited, don’t hesitate to tell us about it. The best Salt Lake City screen printer company that you can ever work with is here, and we won’t let you down.

Let’s Talk More

Salt Lake City Screen Printer slc logoLook no further than Salt Lake City Screen Printer if you need visually appealing and durable screen-printed products for your business. After calling us for the specifications of your project, the next thing you’ll be looking forward to is the shirts, bags, mugs, gadgets, or any merchandise you ordered, delivered on time as expected.

We are confident in our printing capabilities and state-of-the-art printing and designing facilities handled by no less than highly proficient printing experts. Your budget, schedule, product specifications, and quality will guide our entire operations. You won’t get disappointed with the final product; this we guarantee.

Ready for a smooth process to get the printed products you need for upgrading your business? Reach out to us at your earliest convenience. Let Salt Lake City Screen Printer provide you with all your Salt Lake City screen printing needs!

Call Salt Lake City Screen Printer today at (801) 758-2637 for your Free Consultation with a Salt Lake City Screen Printing expert!